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Monday, June 20, 2011

ice breaking session ..

Quality engineering is a new field, introduced in this country.

In fact, our institute proudly stands as the one and only academic's institution offering first degree in this field.
It is such a big challenges for a new born institution such Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Industrial.but, here we answer the challenge and serve at our best (from management, lecturers and students)
to prove that this new course, will end up one day after this as a new phenomena that will initiate to explosions of improvement, management, knowledge and integrity within engineering and management fields in specific or any other daily of professional or non professional applications.

The most frequent asked questions about Quality Engineering are :
  1. What is this course all about?
  2.  In which field of engineering is this study belong to?
  3. Graduates from this field will serve as what?
Answering the questions, in the first place, we should be informed that presently there are no graduates from this course yet. But it is not a problem.

Quality engineering is the study of managing quality. It is the combination between the studies of science which is consists of common studies such as civil, electrical, chemistry .ect while art cover the managements' skill, financial, human organization and so on.

Back to the history, this study developed to fulfil the Third Industrial Master Plan, 2006-2020 that emphasis on developing effective operation changers and manufacturing. We realize that now a day quality system that meet the international standards has become a crucial yet one of the most essential elements to ensure sustainability in this fast and rapid growth of industrial’s world.

Respecting to the mission, we been prepared with necessary skill in creating, planning, implementing, analyzing and improving any part or problems which are related to process – manufacturing and customers’ services using knowledge and skills gain from mathematics, science and engineering.

Engineers produced by Universiti Kuala Lumpur are technology’s based. We are not to formulate but manipulating the system optimally beyond the limit that ever figured by any others. Here we are trained to be a professional in whatever decisions taken, innovative in solving and grabbing the opportunities.

We do realize that this competitive world grow complex by days, it give no chance for those who are not ready to develop and fight the current demands. Industrial’s world have become a complex industry that no longer lay on articles or books it is to be broke, figured and analyzed in order to emerge as competitive, sustainable, productive and profitable entity, and

Engineers’ technologist

·         Quality Engineer (inspection, control, assurance)
·         Consultants
·         Quality Auditor
·         Quality Manager
·         Research and Development Manager/Engineer
·         Production Designer
·         Developer and Tester
·         Production Engineer

produced by UNIKL MITEC with professional, well experienced lecturers graduated internationally combined from various field of studies are well prepared and ready to serve toward the goal!  

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